War in Ukraine is a crisis for women and girls

The war has severely impacted social cohesion, community security and the resilience of local communities, especially women and girls. Lack of access to social services including schools and strained community resources have increased the care burden of local women who are responsible for the care for children, disabled and elderly family members.

The war has led to more than 4.2 million refugees and over 7 million internally displaced people, most of them women and children.

As women continue to bear different and additional burdens of war, they must be represented in all decision-making platforms on de-escalation, conflict prevention, mitigation and other processes in pursuit of peace and security for the people of Ukraine and beyond.

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New UN Women and CARE report highlights disproportionate impact of the war on women and minorities

After more than two months of war in Ukraine, which has forced millions of refugees and displaced people to flee their homes, a new Rapid Gender Analysis by UN Women and CARE reveals that women and minorities are facing immense hardship when it comes to health, safety, and access to food as a result of the crisis. In Ukraine, women are increasingly becoming heads of households and leaders in their communities as men are conscripted, yet they remain largely excluded from formal decision-making processes related to humanitarian efforts, peace-making, and other areas that directly impact their lives. Read more>

In Moldova, UN Women Executive Director commits to advancing the empowerment and resilience of Moldovan and refugee women

UN Under-Secretary-General and UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous visited the Republic of Moldova from 8 to 10 April to reaffirm UN Women’s commitment as a key partner to advance gender equality and women’s leadership in the country. During her visit, Bahous emphasised UN Women’s determination to support Moldova’s efforts as a host country to the thousands of refugees fleeing the war in neighbouring Ukraine. Read more>

Video: Helping women and children refugees find peace and humanity in Moldova

Stories from women fleeing the war


Rapid gender analysis of Ukraine

This Rapid Gender Analysis, carried out by UN Women and CARE International, seeks to draw attention to the gender dynamics in the humanitarian crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine. It also proposes recommendations for humanitarian leadership, actors, and donors to ensure consideration of the gendered dimensions of risk, vulnerability, and capabilities in response to this crisis.

Rapid gender analysis of Ukraine: Secondary data review

The Rapid gender analysis seeks to draw attention to the gender dynamics in the war in Ukraine—both pre-existing and emerging—and draws out recommendations for humanitarian leadership, actors and donors to ensure consideration of the gendered dimensions of risk, vulnerability and capabilities in response and preparedness to this crisis.

Rapid assessment: Impact of the war in Ukraine on women’s civil society organisations

Since the beginning of the Russian military invasion in Ukraine, women’s groups and civil society organisations have been quick to react to the immediate priorities of their communities, but face many challenges as they attempt to provide support to large numbers of internally displaced people, host-communities and those directly affected by violence and insecurity. UN Women has conducted a rapid survey to help inform the decision-making of national and international stakeholders, and advocate for the support of civil society during the war.

Gender data on refugees at a glance: The Republic of Moldova

This factsheet provides up-to-date data about the demographic profiles of refugees from Ukraine hosted by the Republic of Moldova.

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