Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

UN Women is ready to support humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan following the devastating earthquake that hit two provinces in the east of the country on Wednesday 22 June 2022.

At least 1,000 people have been killed, according to media reports, and numbers are expected to rise.  Nearly 2,000 homes reportedly were also destroyed and scores of people displaced. 

Afghan women need your support now more than ever. UN Women is committed to stand by them and deliver.

Afghan women and girls played a pivotal role throughout the history of their country. It is essential they continue to play this role and their hard-won rights are protected.

UN Women has been present in Afghanistan for over 10 years and will remain operational and engaged with our partners to provide life-saving services to Afghan women and girls especially at this critical juncture for the country.

In 1919, Afghan women became eligible to vote before many other nations. The first girls’ school was opened in 1921 and the 1964 constitution ushered in equality for all.

As the situation changes daily, these enormous gains may be eroded. 2020 was the deadliest year on record for Afghan women. 2021 is set to eclipse this. Women, boys and girls made up close to half of all civilian casualties in the first half of 2021, comprising 46% of all civilian casualties. 80% of nearly a quarter of a million Afghans forced to flee since the end of May are women and children.

Women’s rights in Afghanistan must have only one direction and that is forward.

UN Women stands firmly with the women and girls of Afghanistan in these difficult times, and we remain committed to supporting their safety and their full and free participation in the social, economic, and political life of the country.

Help us help Afghan women and girls. Please donate TODAY.

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*Monthly gifts help us protect more women and girls. By making a monthly donation to UN Women, you will provide women and girls with ongoing relief and protection and help them regain hope for a better future.
**If more funds are raised than needed for this emergency, they will be redirected to other emergencies or pressing needs.
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