Women Peace and Security

War, violent conflict, terrorism and violent extremism have differential and devastating consequences for women and girls. In the face of this, women all over the world are leading movements for peace. There is strong evidence suggesting that women’s participation in peace processes contributes to longer, more resilient peace after conflict. Yet, despite this, women remain largely invisible to, and excluded from, peace processes and negotiations.

UN Women works to promote peace by supporting women of all backgrounds and ages to participate in processes to prevent conflict, and build and sustain peace. Our programs:

  • Foster women’s peace coalitions and prepare them to engage in peace processes;
  • Strengthen justice and security institutions that protect women and girls from violence and discrimination;
  • Support public services to ensure they are fully responsive to women’s needs, access to opportunities and engagement in decision-making processes; and
  • Ensure women are empowered to influence post-conflict negotiations and actively participate in conflict prevention.

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