It is horrifying that laws allowing rapists to walk free by marrying the victim still exist. Laws like these condone sexual assault and violence. Rape is never OK, under any circumstance.

Show your support and abolish rape laws that protect perpetrators.

Where is this happening?

According to a UNFPA Report*, Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Bolivia, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gaza, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Philippines, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tonga and Venezuela have legal provisions stipulating that the perpetrator of rape or sexual assault can escape punishment by marrying the victim.

Other discriminatory laws across the globe also allow violence against women to continue. From the Bahamas to Malawi, rape within marriage is NOT A CRIME.

* UNFPA Report: My Body Is My Own, Claiming the right to autonomy and self-determination, 2021, Page 48.

How is UN Women helping?

UN Women is a steadfast supporter of government and grassroots advocacy efforts, coordinating dialogues on the issue to help end discriminatory laws.

These laws are changing, but the pace of change is too slow. In 2018, Palestine abolished the infamous ‘rape law’ – allowing a rapist to avoid prosecution by marrying the victim, following Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan’s governments’ moves to end the law in 2017.

How can I help?

UN Women are leading reform in this area to repeal laws that allow violence and discrimination against women to continue as a part of the Equality in Law Strategy, involving governments, grassroots groups – and public support.

People across the world are standing up in solidarity to abolish this abhorrent law and similar laws condoning violence against women where they still exist.

We need you to join us and tell the world that rape is NEVER OK. By signing your name and supporting UN Women’s work, you can help to influence change in discriminatory laws across the globe.

Rape is NEVER OK

Sign now to show your support to abolish rape laws that protect perpetrators.

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