Emergency Kits for Women

Emergency Kits for Women

For just $25 you can provide a hygiene kit for a woman or girl in a crisis.

When fleeing from war or escaping disaster, there is little time to think of taking anything but the clothes on your back. Too often, in the wake of crisis, the unique needs of women and girls are ignored or simply forgotten in response efforts and women and girls are left without the basics.

Help ensure that when crisis hits, women and girls have the essentials they need by giving an emergency kit, which include sanitary pads, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear to restore their sense of dignity and a torch to help keep them safe.  

Please show your support and give now.

Donations over $5 are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible in Australia.

*The kit pictured is a representation of what may be included in a basic dignity kit. Kits on the ground will vary in contents and cost based on the specific emergency and the unique needs of women and girls in the country. 

**If more funds are raised than needed specifically for emergency kits, they will be redirected to other necessities required in emergency response.