Racial Discrimination

As a feminist organisation, we stand for and work towards a just, peaceful and equal world. When we stand for women’s rights, we stand against all forms of inequality, including discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, disability, sexual orientation or immigrant status.

At UN Women Australia, we believe that Black lives matter and we stand in solidarity with all who have experienced racial discrimination, violence and abuse. We also condemn all expressions of racism and instances of racist behaviour.

We recognise that racism affects people of colour in many different ways, and that those at the intersection of discrimination based on race and gender are often hit the hardest. Black, Indigenous and women of colour are among the most marginalised in our society. They often do not have equal access to healthcare, education or justice systems; they are more vulnerable to trafficking and violence; suffer disproportionately from discriminatory labour practices; and are over-represented in low-wage, informal employment sectors.

In order to advance the rights of women worldwide, advocates and policy makers must listen to women and communities of colour and elevate their voices, to make positive change, for good.

We respect, celebrate and honour the diversity of women. In everything we do, we will speak out and take concrete actions to contribute to a world free from discrimination, injustice and violence, to create an equal future for everyone.