Launch of new partnership to support refugee and migrant women in Australia

It is with absolute delight that we announce a new partnership for SisterWorks to expand our reach to refugee and migrant women in Australia. We are very proud to announce SisterWorks will be partnering with UN Women to pilot a ground-breaking new programme that aims to ensure that marginalised women who are at risk of being left behind have access to, participate in and achieve quality learning, entrepreneurship and employment outcomes through second chance education and
vocational training.

The programme offers women, their families, local communities and societies the benefits of access to educational services which are tailored not only to their needs as learners, but
also to their future as earners. This is a global programme and SisterWorks is the perfect choice to roll out this programme in Victoria. Australia is one of six countries to be participating in this pilot that is part of UN Women’s Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning programme, which is proudly supported
by the BHP Foundation.

“SisterWorks puts women entrepreneurs at the centre of our model where work empowers women. Over the past 6 years we have supported hundreds of women to reimagine their future – by giving them the right tools; be that business skills, improved English language skills, and the confidence and emotional and social wellbeing to become contributors to
their families, their communities and the Australian economy”, said Luz Restrepo, CEO and founder of SisterWorks. Refugee women are full of resilience, are resourceful and talented and have much to give back to Australia. We have lived through our own adversity and we embrace opportunity.

SisterWorks helps refugee and migrant women tap their own potential, said Ms Khadija Gbla, SisterWorks Ambassador. ‘I am passionate about ensuring that they are given the opportunities and support they deserve to reach their full potential and feel a sense of belonging’ she added. SisterWorks will be launching the partnership at the new Empowerment Hub in Melbourne on Thursday, 21 November at 5pm.

For all media enquiries or more information please contact – Judith Ridgeway [email protected] or Luz Restrepo 0435 831 822