Anvitha Vijay

Founder Lead @ The Table

Anvitha Vijay is a Forbes 30 Under 30 (listed at age 10), Founder of Lead @ The Table, a Stanford Women in Data Science Ambassador, Author-in-Making and North Sydney Girls High School Student. She is passionate about making a positive difference to the community through innovation and empowering young people to be brave, impactful leaders in areas they are passionate about.

She founded Lead @ The Table to empower girls and young people to not only have a seat at the table but to lead at the table and recreate the table if needed. And not just hope to share our voices but be empowered to lead the decisions and directions of the future.

Anvitha is also writing a book to inspire 1000s of girls to dream big and be bold, courageous leaders and disrupters.

Anvitha has been featured in several international and Australian media: CNBC, TIME Magazine, Fortune, Forbes, The Australian, Sunrise, Sydney Morning Herald, USA Today, The Age, Daily Telegraph, and many more.