UN Women National Committee Australia and Wheelton Philanthropy/Budget Australia announce multiyear partnership for International Women’s Day Melbourne

UN Women National Committee (NC) Australia is delighted to announce a three-year partnership with Wheelton Philanthropy/Budget Australia. Paul Wheelton is a long-time champion for equal opportunity for women and girls. This year is the first of a three-year partnership in support of our official International Women’s Day event in Melbourne.

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on the 8th of March. For more than twenty years, UN Women NC Australia has hosted some of the largest events around the country to celebrate successes and discuss actions needed to continue accelerating gender equality. The Melbourne Breakfast will be held on Tuesday 5 March, and features an exciting program of leaders from across business, media and sport. We are proud to work together with Wheelton Philanthropy/Budget Australia to support our IWD campaigns for the coming three years.

Paul Wheelton is a steadfast supporter of initiatives bolstering opportunities for women and girls, both in the Asia Pacific region—beginning with projects to tackle gender disparity in Bali—and beyond. Mr Wheelton also recognises how vital it is to have everyone involved in working towards equality.

“It’s important that men are involved and coming along on the journey to break the glass ceiling. That’s why I’m a fan of UN Women’s HeForShe campaign. All of us should be involved in achieving gender balance,” says Mr Wheelton

UN Women NC Australia’s theme for this International Women’s Day events is ‘More Powerful Together’—recognising the important role we all play—to create a world where women and girls everywhere have equal rights and opportunities. More Powerful Together is a call for all of us to take a stand in unison for gender equality.

Janelle Weissman, Executive Director said of the new partnership, “We are truly delighted to have Wheelton Philanthropy/Budget Australia, long-standing supporters of gender equality, join us to help empower the world’s women and girls this year and beyond.”

UN WOMEN NC AUSTRALIA MEDIA CONTACT: Leisa Quinn (02) 6185 0010, [email protected]
UN Women is dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their rights worldwide. UN Women National Committee Australia is the fundraising and advocacy arm of the United Nations agency for gender equality, here in Australia.

WHEELTON PHILANTHROPY The Wheelton Group focuses on using the wealth generated from its operations in supporting various areas of philanthropy both within Australia and overseas however 90% of its work is Melbourne Centric. The key focus areas are on Children’s Well-being, Education, Women, and Girls Causes.