Over 60 million people are currently displaced by conflict or disaster, half of them are women and children.

Sadly, in humanitarian crises, the needs of women and girls are often forgotten – meaning they are at far greater risk of all types of violence, injury and death. UN Women works to ensure women and girls affected by crisis and disaster have basic necessities such as soap, thermal blankets, sanitary pads and other essential items, giving women and girls back their dignity in the face of devastation. UN Women ‘Safe Spaces’ established in refugee camps also work to support the psycho-social needs of women and help protect them from increased occurrences of gender based violence.

  • $90 could support 3 young women to access education and combat illiteracy
  • $40 could provide a necessity kit to women and girls who have fled their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs
  • $245 could deliver counselling and legal aid to three survivors of violence
  • $155 can develop a toolkit for front line responders of gender-based violence
  • $520 can train NGO workers to address violence against women

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