Associate Professor Alice Motion

Sydney (Moderator)

Associate Professor Alice Motion is a Westpac Research Scholar and is a researcher and science communicator based at School of Chemistry at The University of Sydney. Her research focuses on open science and Science Communication, Outreach, Participation and Education (SCOPE). Finding ways to connect people with science and to make research more accessible is the overarching theme of Alice’s interdisciplinary research. She was awarded the 2020 Eureka Prize for Promoting Public Understanding of Science.

Alice is the founder of the Breaking Good project – a citizen science project that aims to empower high school and undergraduate students to be active researchers in projects that will improve human health.

Alice is recognised as a leading international science communicator. In 2015, she was named as one of ABC RN and UNSW’s Top 5 Under 40 in recognition of her passion for sharing science stories. Alice is the co-host of the ABC Science podcast, Dear Science, and has been the host of a weekly science slot on FBi Radio’s breakfast show since June 2015.