Queensland University of Technology Scholarship Recipients Announced

In 2015, UN Women National Committee Australia was proud to announce our first Queensland Education Partner, Queensland University of Technology Business School (QUT). Our partnership celebrates our shared commitment to the empowerment of women and advancement of opportunities for women to excel as leaders in business. To this end we have supported the QUT Graduate School of Business Women in Leadership Excellence Scholarship.

This May, UN Women National Committee Australia was pleased to promote a new scholarship opportunity for women in the NGO sector to pursue QUT’s Public Sector Management Program (PSMP). We would like to congratulate the successful candidates, Karen Thomas-Goldsmith and Charlotte Sangster for 2016.

Designed to enhance the understanding of the business of government, the Public Sector Management Program will see Karen and Charlotte participate in a blend of work-based learning, workshops, and a virtual learning environment that will develop their capabilities as reflective practitioners and help them manage relationships for customer and business outcomes – invaluable skills for those working in the NGO sector.

Karen, General Manager of Strategy and Development at Queensland-based NGO Connections Inc explains:

“My mum always told me ‘you can do anything’, and I always believed her. But being anything doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work, commitment, a passion for the work we do and a drive to always do better. I have been fortunate to find a career that has meaning and worth to me, leading me to always build on my professional development, and to ensuring I am always helping others to reach their full potential. Winning this scholarship feels like a reward for all of the long days and hard work I have undertaken to be successful in my job. It will provide further understanding and skill development in the levels of government and it will increase my confidence and abilities as a leader. Thank you to QUT for this opportunity.”

Charlotte, National Development Manager at Frontier Services in Como, NSW, says:

“The QUT – PSMP scholarship is a huge step in the direction of creating more opportunities for women in non-profit management and will enable me to truly succeed in reaching my goal to one day become a top female NGO leader. Completing the scholarship will also enable me to support our organisation moving forward into the development of strong partnerships with government agencies, greatly impacting the scope of work that our organisation can complete – creating a truly positive social and practical impact in remote Australia. Thank you.”

Both women, and their organisations, will greatly benefit from the learnings gained in the PSMP and will serve as excellent ambassadors for women working in the NGO sector.


The Public Sector Management Program has been specifically designed in consultation with Australian governments to enhance participants’ management skills in the business of government.

QUT are offering several two-for-one PSMP scholarships, allowing two students to study for the price of one. Male and female NGO employees are invited to apply for the two-for-one scholarships, and they can be from different states and NGOs.

Full scholarships are also available for 2017 enrolment in the PSMP. Due date for applications is the 31st of October, 2016. To submit your application and for further enquires email Stefanie Gerstenberg at [email protected].


To learn more about this fantastic program, visit: https://www.qut.edu.au/study/courses/graduate-certificate-in-business-public-sector-management