UN Women rapid assessment and humanitarian response in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Following the 7 October 2023 attack by Hamas on Israel, which resulted in an estimated 1,400 deaths, 4,629 injuries, and an estimated 200 people taken hostage, the Israeli Armed Forces launched strikes by land, sea, and air against Gaza. To date, this has resulted in more than 3,400 Palestinian deaths and more than 12,500 people injured, 53 per cent of whom are women and children. More than one million people—almost half the total population of Gaza—have been displaced, and civilian infrastructure across Gaza has been significantly damaged. As the international community seeks to respond to the crisis, its impact from a gender perspective cannot be overlooked.

This document provides a preliminary analysis of the impact of the crisis on women, including:

  • Higher risks and levels of gender-based violence and psychological trauma;
  • Loss of livelihoods, housing, and land disproportionately impacting female-headed households and widows;
  • Elevated risks of sexual and labour exploitation, trafficking in persons, and forced marriage; and
  • Elderly women, particularly those with disabilities, will face the highest level of negligence and violence.

It also outlines UN Women’s humanitarian response to the crisis and provides asks and recommendations for key actors and the international community.

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Subject area(s): Conflict, war; Humanitarian action; Peace and security
Publication year: 2023

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