Donate for Equality

Together we can change the timeline for gender equality. When you empower a woman, whole communities benefit. Join UN Women Australia as we work to protect and empower women and girls in over 100 countries around the world.
With your support we can:
  • Ensure the unique needs of women and girls are met following crisis and natural disaster;
  • Put an end to violence against women and provide support to those affected by it;
  • End poverty through enhancing women’s economic opportunities and providing practical skills and cash for work opportunities;
  • Ensure women have a seat at decision-making tables and the opportunity to become leaders in their community;
  • Work with governments to abolish discriminatory laws that impede gender equality and hold women and girls back.
Together we can make make the rights of women and girls a priority. Join UN Women Australia’s family of Empowerment Champions by signing up as a monthly supporter. By giving a small donation every month, you will make a meaningful and long-term impact on UN Women’s work driving a gender equal world.
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