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In a historic move, on 16 August Lebanon abolished the infamous ‘rape law’ – allowing a rapist to avoid prosecution by marrying the victim. This follows on the heels of the governments of Tunisia and Jordan who just recently abolished the law.

UN Women was a steadfast supporter of government and grass-roots organisations in their advocacy efforts, coordinating dialogues on the issue to help end this notorious law.

But rape laws like this still exist in Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Palestine and Syria, as well as several countries in Asia, including the Philippines.

It is frightening that laws allowing sexual perpetrators to walk free by marrying the victim, still exist. It’s shameful that billions of women live in countries where it is not outlawed for their husbands to rape them.

Laws like these condone sexual assault and violence. Rape is never OK, under any circumstance.

We can see momentum building. People across the world are standing up in solidarity to abolish this abhorrent law and similar laws condoning violence against women where they still exist. Will you join us? By signing the pledge below and supporting UN Women you could help to influence change in discriminatory laws across the globe.

UN Women works hard to develop laws that protect the rights of women and girls and rightfully prosecute perpetrators, through hard work involving governments, grassroots groups – and public support. Stand with us and sign the pledge in support of women and girls everywhere!