An announcement from our Executive Director, Janelle Weissman

After more than 7 years championing the rights of women and girls in our region, UN Women Australia’s Executive Director Janelle Weissman is stepping down the end of August.

“Contributing to UN Women Australia’s regional and global agenda to advance gender equality in partnership with governments, the private sector, activists and incredible individual donors has been one of the greatest privileges of my career to date. Thanks to the most generous donations of so many, I am very proud to have enabled significant growth in funding to advance the rights and opportunities of women and girls. I will remain an unwavering advocate for UN Women Australia’s work dedicated to creating a world where everyone everywhere has equal opportunities to lead, learn, earn a decent income and live a life free from violence and discrimination,” says Janelle.

Janelle will be leaving an unforgettable legacy, having launched a number of innovative fundraising initiatives and campaigns, forged new partnerships and inspired people of all walks of life to play their part to create an equal world.

“Janelle’s passion and drive to make lasting positive change for the world’s women and girls inspires us all.  Here at UN Women Australia, we have been very fortunate to experience and benefit from her leadership and insights.  Janelle’s work over more than 7 years means that UN Women Australia is well positioned to continue its important work to support UN Women and its programs around the world.  Thank you, Janelle!”  Debra Eckersley, President, UN Women Australia

“If there is one message I’d like to share,” says Janelle, “it’s that it is not enough to be compassionate: you must act. We all have an opportunity and an obligation to create the change we want to see in the world, and it starts now, one person, one step at a time. My journey on this road will continue. I am proud to have worked with so many agents of change across our region, and look forward to continuing to accelerate change for good, no matter where our paths cross next.”