ADF Appoints Executive Director of UN Women NC Australia, Julie McKay, as Gender Adviser

The Australian National Committee for UN Women supports today’s announcement that Executive Director Julie McKay has been appointed as Gender Adviser to the Chief of the Defence Force. McKay will provide General David Hurley with expert advice on gender issues, acting as his agent, and supporting programs initiated by the Services and Defence People Group.

General Hurley said today; “Ms McKay is a well-known advocate for women and I look forward to gaining her insight as we continue to work towards a more inclusive organisation.”

McKay has had involvement with the Defence Force as founding member of the Secretary and Chief of the Defence Force Gender Equality Advisory Board (GEAB), and has held the position of Executive Director at the Australian National Committee for UN Women since March 2007. In addition to holding an Executive MBA and a Masters in Public Policy, Ms McKay has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship to continue her research into workplace gender equality in non-traditional sectors, including Defence.

McKay will continue in her role as Executive Director of the Australian National Committee for UN Women, and will manage both positions on a part-time basis.

“I am looking forward to taking on this new challenge in Defence,” says McKay. “I am very proud to have led the team at UN Women NC Australia for nearly 7 years and am excited to be able to take on this new opportunity, supporting culture change within Defence, to advance gender equality. I have the highest respect for General Hurley and all of the dedicated men and women who make up the Australian Defence Force. I look forward to working alongside them to achieve their gender equality goals.”

“The role is a credit to Julie and her leadership on gender equality in Australia and internationally,” says Donelle Wheeler, President of the Australian National Committee for UN Women Board. “There is strong alignment between the work that Julie will be doing at Defence, and the work she has led for many years for UN Women Australia.”