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  1. Non-National Committee event

    16 August 2018

    6:00pm - 8:00pm

    Global Citizen presents: #SheIsEqual Campaign Launch Brisbane

    Global Citizen is proud to announce the Australian launch of our #SheIsEqual campaign in Brisbane.

    One thing that has been made crystal clear in the last 18 months: Women and girls deserve, and now demand, to be treated as equals. The fast-growing #MeToo and #SheDecides movements are testament to an awakening in society that women and girls are treated differently and held back in every aspect of life — in school, by governments, by health systems, and in the workplace. As the late global icon Nelson Mandela said, this is a major oversight: “As long as the nation refuses to acknowledge the equal role of more than half of itself, it is doomed to failure.” This must change. Girls and women deserve, and now demand, to be treated as equals. And we are here to make it happen.

    Following our global campaign launch in Brussels in April this year, this event will kick off the Australian campaign to ensure that every woman and girl can say with confidence that #SheIsEqual. We’ve assembled a stellar panel of inspiring local change-makers, all tackling the things that are at the heart of what holds girls and women back. Come and hear their stories, meet the Australian Global Citizen team, and learn how you can increase your impact in your community and beyond!

    Brisbane this is your opportunity to join the conversation with like-minded global citizens, hear from pioneering women affecting incredible change in their communities and how you can get involved – on any level! By joining together we stand in solidarity with a worldwide community of women allowing them to uphold dignity, tackle poverty and overcome injustice.

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    MC: Sarah Meredith, Global Citizen
    Sarah is Global Citizen Australia’s Country Director. Over a period of 13 years, Sarah advised some of Australia’s federal and state Government Ministers and has completed a Master of International and Community Development. Sarah was awarded City of Casey’s Young Citizen of the Year in 2002, was selected as a member of the Australian Government’s National Youth Roundtable and represented Australia in the ‘Young People Can Change the World’ World Youth Forum in Wales in 2001.

    Yolonde Entsch, Authentic Power
    Yolonde empowers women through tailed programs, personal workshops and partnering with people and organisations. Most recently, Yolonde has been a lead force in creating Moon Sick Care Bags, containing washable sanitary pads and underwear for women in need. Handmade by the women of Doomadgee in Far North Queensland for women and girls in Papua New Guinea, the bags have already had an invaluable impact on local communities and ensuring they remain in work and school during menstruation.

    Madeline Price, One Woman Project
    Madeline is the National Director and Founder of the One Woman Project, one of Australia’s fastest growing, youth-led, non-for-profit organisations. One Woman Project provides quality educational seminars on global gender equality to young people, festivals and conferences, corporate engagement, Rural Road Trips and statewide campaigns. The philosophy of the One Woman Project – and a burning passion of Madeline’s – is that education about global gender inequalities can empower our youth to create active change in their local communities and lead to a more equal society and the world.

    Cathy Zeiger, Boldly I Go
    Cathy is a Councillor at Cairns Regional Council and the Founding Director of Australian grassroots charity, BoldlyIgo. A ‘boutique’ organisation with an ambitious mission of breaking the poverty cycle for the future generation of Kenya and their carers through child sponsorship, income-generating projects, life skills and training programs – opening doors and opportunities previously unimaginable to these children.

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