Will you send a text to give $5 and provide her with a solar light and safety?

In the wake of disaster and the midst of conflict, women and girls are impacted differently – violence and sexual assault against women skyrockets, and their unique needs are often forgotten in response efforts.

UN Women is working on the ground when crisis strikes to deliver solutions that empower women, ensure their needs are met and protect them from gender-based violence. Sometimes these solutions are a simple as providing a light source – In the wake of natural disaster, power outages are numerous and long-lasting and under the cover of darkness, women face an even higher risk of violence and sexual assault. Just $5 can provide a solar lamp to a woman and help to keep her safe.

Text LIGHT to 0497 222 444 to donate $5 and help keep her safe.

Please note: Some people may find the following video distressing.

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