In the words of Minara: “I am more confident and determined to serve my community”

Minara is a Rohingya refugee and survivor who fled the conflict in Myanmar in August 2017. Since arriving in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, she has joined …

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From where I stand: “As an outspoken women’s rights activist, I have gained the confidence necessary to help Rohingya women from similar backgrounds as mine”

Women’s rights activist Lucky fled from armed conflict in Myanmar and is now living in a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. She is committed …

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From where I stand: “Teaching girls how to read and write is one of the biggest ways I can make a difference”

Rima Sultana Rimu knows education is power. As a young Bangladeshi activist living in Cox’s Bazar, that hosts one of the world’s largest refugee settlements, …

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