Anna’s husband never beat her in front of anyone. He would take her to the bush and do it in private. Four of these beatings were so severe, Anna was beaten to the brink of death. Only then, when a local health worker told her about supports available thanks to UN Women, did Anna seek help. Anna’s husband is now in prison. And she has a newfound confidence to stand up for and support herself and her family. (Anna not pictured)

UN Women is increasing vital services for women including safe shelter, counselling, telephone hotlines, justice through family violence laws and training programs for police officers and health workers.

  • $50 a month could help women survivors of violence to access safe shelter, counselling and other supports
  • $25 a month could provide police officers with training on how to respond to domestic violence
  • $35 a month could help provide six months’ accommodation and skills training for a young mother who has nowhere else to turn

Your monthly gift can help us increase these services and enable women to escape violence and rebuild their lives.