COVID-19 and ending violence against women and girls

This brief highlights emerging evidence of the impact of the recent global pandemic of COVID-19 on violence against women and girls. It makes recommendations to be considered by all sectors of society, from governments to international organisations and to civil society organisations, in order to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls, at the onset, during, and after the public health crisis, with examples of actions already taken. It also considers the economic impact of the pandemic and its implications for violence against women and girls in the long term.

It is a living document that draws upon the knowledge and experience of a wide range of experts who support solutions to end violence against women and girls, attentive to the country context in which the crisis is occurring.

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Subject area(s): COVID-19; Domestic violence/interpersonal violence; Economic empowerment; Ending violence against women and girls; Health
Resource type: Briefs; Issue papers
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Publication year: 2020
Number of pages:  10