Please donate now. Help UN Women provide urgent assistance to women, girls and their families, left in the wake of the strongest Atlantic cyclone on record.

UN Women’s relief efforts are gender-responsive and multi-tiered—from the provision of emergency supplies such as dignity kits to meet women’s immediate needs, to ensuring they have the protection they need from violence, harassment and abuse. Our approach is to transit from the relief phase to a  more long-term support for recovery.

In the Caribbean, women remain the predominant heads of households, which are often the most vulnerable and deprived in the region. UN Women in cooperation with local authorities will provide technical expertise and financial support to ensure that women in dire circumstances have access to the resources they need to get themselves and their families back on their feet as soon as possible.

Your gift will help bring dignity and hope to women and girls in the Caribbean who were caught in Hurricane Irma’s destructive path.