IWD for Students

We can’t celebrate International Women’s Day without recognising the incredible contributions of our younger generation. All around the world, young women and girls are standing up for their rights, and leading the way towards a more equal, unified and resilient future for all.

You’re never too young to start making the world a more equal place for us all to live. Here are some ways to get started and become part of #GenerationEquality:

Give your teacher a copy of our International Women’s Day Schools Kit and ask them to teach the class more about gender equality. The International Women’s Day Schools Kit is full of information and fun classroom activities – maybe you could even help your teacher run the class! 

Complete the form below to be notified when the 2024 Schools Kit is released. 

Did you know, schools can stream out IWD events for FREE! Your school can access our full line up of fabulous speakers by livestreaming our virtual event either on the day or up to a week later. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Help us create a safer, healthier, and more equal planet by raising funds to support UN Women’s work. You can create your own IWD fundraising page here.

There are lots of exciting, fun ways you can fundraise.

  • Ask your school to host a uniform free day, where everyone brings a gold coin donation to wear whatever the like to school. You could even encourage everyone to wear purple!

  • Host a bake-sale or BBQ at lunch (make sure you get permission from your teacher first).

  • Sell our Purple Ribbons. Purchase a pack of 50 to sell or give away at your school. Each ribbon sold supports UN Women’s work.

Download our Fundraising Kit for more tips and tricks, or contact [email protected] for more information.

Have you ever been told you do something “like a girl”? Next time this happens, why not ask the person to explain what they mean by that and why they think it’s an insult.

There are many strong, powerful women out there. Who wouldn’t want to run fast like Cathy Freeman, be strong like Serena Williams or fearless like Malala?

Ask your friends who their favourite powerful woman is and start a conversation to end gender stereotypes.

The world is speaking up for an equal future. Join the conversation and share your passion for an equal future on social media. Register for our IWD Schools Kit below for some posts to get you started.

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