Sri Lanka Food Relief Appeal

Sri Lanka Food Relief Appeal

This Christmas, help ensure Sri Lankan women and their families have food on the table. Give now. 

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing a socio-economic crisis of devastating proportions.  

The health and well-being of women and girls in Sri Lanka is at serious risk.  

As the cost of food climbs to a record 90%, the UN estimates 6.3 million people are now food insecure, meaning they cannot access a nutritious diet daily. Even the most basic of staples like rice are out of reach.   

For just $100 you can provide a family in Sri Lanka with the essential needed for a month, significantly easing the burden on women and girls. 

Each relief package contains a month’s worth of food items, household goods and hygiene products, which have all become increasingly inaccessible given the spiking inflation and living costs.  

Without immediate support, women and girls are left behind to suffer the greatest costs of Sri Lanka’s crisis alone.  

Please give now.

An example of the items in relief kits can be found here 

Donations over $5 are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible in Australia.

*The kit pictured is a representation of what is included in a relief kit. Items may be subject to change in line with requirements of households and in discussion with local government officials. 

**If more funds are raised than needed specifically for relief kits, they will be redirected to other necessities required in emergency response.