Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal

Afghan women need your support now more than ever.

Please donate TODAY and help Afghan women and girls whose lives are harder than ever before.

Three massive 6.3 magnitude earthquakes have now struck Afghanistan in the space of one week, leaving devastating destruction and another brutal crisis for families already struggling with hunger, poverty and a strained healthcare system.

The death toll has now reached close to 3,000 and is expected to rise as the search for survivors continues. Over 2,000 people have been injured and 12 remote villages near the city of Herat have been reduced to rubble.  

Survivors who were already struggling with poverty have now been left with absolutely nothing. The most urgent and immediate needs are food, clothing, medicine and shelter.

With winter approaching, the affected areas will soon experience extremely cold conditions, increasing the urgency of appropriate shelter.

UN Women remains on the ground in Afghanistan working to ensure the unique needs of women and girls are not ignored or forgotten.  

Please give a tax-deductible gift today and support Afghan women and girls when they need it most.

Donations over $5 are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible in Australia.

*Monthly gifts help us protect more women and girls. By making a monthly donation to UN Women, you will provide women and girls with ongoing relief and protection and help them regain hope for a better future.
**If more funds are raised than needed for this emergency, they will be redirected to other emergencies or pressing needs
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