Empower Moves

#EmpowerMoves invites girls to celebrate International Day of the Girl 2021 by coming together on TikTok to raise their voice in support of a strong and equal future for themselves.

The powerful dance sequence, personalised by girls around the country, brings together music of Australian singer-songwriter WAFIA, the contagious movement of choreographer and entrepreneur Karla Mura, with the direction of She Fights Back, to create a series of basic self-defence movements.

#EmpowerMoves is designed to be both uplifting and thought provoking. And while the combination of dance and self-defence is by no means a solution to the wider problem, it’s the beginning of an important cultural conversation for girls. A positive step towards not only personal confidence, but a greater awareness of the larger societal issues many girls and women face every day.

Girls across the country have recreated the #EmpowerMoves dance, creating a movement through which they can show their strength and support for a future that is safe, equal and empowered.

If you would also like to show your support, please donate to UN Women Australia today.