IWD for Community

International Women’s Day (IWD) is our favourite day of the year. We love to see people all across Australia and the world come together to fundraise, advocate for change and accelerate progress towards equality.

Whether you’re in school or board rooms, Parliament or community organisations, tackling gender inequality takes all of us. And with global gender equality still 132 years away, the time for action is now.

There are many ways you can take action and support the world’s women and girls this International Women’s Day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Attend our IWD Fundraising Events

In 2023, UN Women Australia will be holding our IWD events in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and online on Friday 3 March 2023. Visit our International Women’s Day page to find out more.

Plan your own IWD Fundraiser

Fundraising is a meaningful way to share your passion for gender equality and the work of UN Women with your friends, family, classmates and colleagues. Register as an official IWD Fundraiser and raise funds to support the world’s women and girls. Host a silent auction, start a bake sale, run a marathon – the possibilities are endless! If you’re stuck for ideas, download our Fundraising Kit to get you started.

Buy Purple Ribbons

Show your support for gender equality and women’s empowerment by wearing a purple ribbon this IWD. Purchase a pack to sell or give away at your IWD event, workplace, school, or in your community. 

Take part in our International Women’s Day of Giving

Join us on Wednesday 8 March 2023 for our International Women’s Day of Giving. It is a crucial part of our IWD efforts to raise vital funds and make a real difference to the world’s women and girls. You can:

  • Become a matched donor so that every dollar donated on the day will have a greater impact for the world’s women and girls – please contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Promote the day among your networks.

  • Make a donation on the day.


Fundraiser Kit