The HeForShe Commitment:

I commit to taking action against gender discrimination and violence in order to build a more just and equal world.

Champion Actions

Having signed the HeForShe pledge, we ask you to:

  • Nominate your mates to take the pledge
  • Challenge stereotypes of women and girls and speak out when you witness sexist comments or sexual harrassment
  • Ensure that women are able to participate in key meetings, or projects and professional development, and encourage workplace activities which are inclusive of women
  • Mentor a woman and support her to gain access to opportunities that might assist her career
  • Help out more around the house and encourage your mates to do the same
  • Use social media to raise concerns about the representation of women and girls in advertising and media
  • Raise awareness of men’s role in achieving gender equality by talking to your mates and/or hosting an event in your workplace or community
  • Donate $20 per month to UN Women to provide safety and support for women and girls around the world
  • Become a member of UN Women National Committee Australia and take an active role in supporting women and girls around the world


Take the pledge today!