The HeForShe Commitment:

I  am one of billions who believe that everyone is born free and equal. I will take action against gender bias, discrimination and violence to bring the benefits of equality to us all.

Make your commitment today!

    HeForShe believes gender isn't binary. How would you like to be counted?


Actions Steps to Take Today

Having taken the HeForShe commitment, here are some ways you can make real change in the lives of women and girls:

  • Nominate your mates to make the HeForShe commitment
  • Take the HeForShe Building Gender IQ online course today (it only takes 30 minutes!)
  • Become an Empowerment Champion, donating $25 a month, to provide safety and support for women and girls around the world.
  • Challenge stereotypes of women and girls and speak out when you witness sexist comments or sexual harassment
  • Ensure that women are able to participate in key meetings, or projects and professional development, and encourage workplace activities which are inclusive of women
  • Mentor a woman and support her to gain access to opportunities that might assist her career
  • Help out more around the house and encourage your mates to do the same
  • Use social media to raise concerns about the representation of women and girls in advertising and media
  • Raise awareness of men’s role in achieving gender equality by talking to your mates and/or hosting an event in your workplace or community
  • Read the HeForShe Barbershop Toolkit and consider hosting a Barbershop style event to engage men and boys in your community
  • Become a member of UN Women Australia and take an active role in supporting women and girls around the world