Photo: UNMEER/Martine Perret
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  1. HeForShe Workplace Action Kit

    Activate your workplace for gender equality! Check out the workplace action kit today.

  2. HeForShe Student Action Kit

    Activate your campus for gender equality. Check out the HeForShe Student Action Kit.

  3. HeForShe Barbershop Toolkit

    Gender inequality is one of the most significant human rights violations of today. To solve this global challenge, and to achieve full gender equality, it is of great importance that men and boys participate in the conversation and be part of the solution.

    Barbershop events encourage men and boys to become actively engaged in promoting gender equality by better understanding how gender inequality limits the ability of individuals, businesses, and communities to reach their full human, economic and social potential. Barbershop events provide men with tools to address this inequality and become agents of change. Through their own behaviour, men can work towards the positive transformation of social norms and take action; they can also hold other men accountable, and encourage them to join in.

    Explore the toolkit to see how you can mobilize the men and boys around you to achieve gender equality.

  4. Taking the First Step: Workplace Responses to Domestic and Family Violence

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