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Newsroom Archive: Nov 2019

  1. 29 November 2019

    Statement by UN Women on World AIDS Day, 1 December

    The contribution of women and girls, particularly those living with HIV, is indispensable in the HIV response at the community level. Women and girls provide critical care for family and community members living with HIV, and help ensure they start and stay on treatment. This is admirable—but problematic when it contributes further to the burden of unpaid care work borne by women and girls—which is already three times that of men. This care work at the community level must be fully recognized, valued and re-distributed equally within the household so that women can have more opportunities to choose what they do with their lives.
  2. 28 November 2019

    Riding for Women’s Rights in Thailand

    At the age of 13, Nunnaree Luangmoi dropped out of school. She was sent to work as a nanny and housekeeper, paid little, with scarce time off to visit her family. Over the course of her life, Nunnaree has escaped rape several times, endured death threats, been beaten and forced to live under police protection.This is the story of the founder of the Center for Girls. The Center for Girls is UN Women’s partner, working to prevent all forms of violence against women and children, including human trafficking in Thailand.
  3. 20 November 2019

    When it comes to consent, there are no blurred lines

    “They didn’t say no”…“We were drunk”…“She was asking for it because of what she was wearing”…“You need to be more assertive.”We’ve heard these lines before. People use them as an attempt to blur the lines around sexual consent, place blame on victims, and excuse perpetrators from the crimes they have committed.While those that use these lines may have fuzzy understandings of consent, the definition is crystal clear. When it comes to consent, there are no blurred lines.Here’s what we mean by consent:
  4. Launch of new partnership to support refugee and migrant women in Australia

    It is with absolute delight that we announce a new partnership for SisterWorks to expand our reach to refugee and migrant women in Australia. We are very proud to announce SisterWorks will be partnering with UN Women to pilot a ground-breaking new programme that aims to ensure that marginalised women who are at risk of being left behind have access to, participate in and achieve quality learning, entrepreneurship and employment outcomes through second chance education and vocational training.
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