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Newsroom Archive: Sep 2018

  1. 24 September 2018


    Tonight iconic buildings and major landmarks across the globe will turn off half of their lights as part of the HeForShe Movement’s latest campaign, illustrating the power lost when women are excluded from society, economies and communities.

    WHAT: On the sidelines of the annual United Nations General Assembly, UN Women’s HeForShe movement is partnering with world leaders to launch its new #MorePowerfulTogether campaign, sparking a global dialogue about gender equality in conjunction with the annual HeForShe IMPACT Summit. Skylines in major cities around the world won’t shine as brightly on the evening of September 24, as they turn off half of their lights, representing the power lost when the world excludes half its population.

    The HeForShe #MorePowerfulTogether campaign invites men, and people of all genders, to stand in solidarity with women to advance gender equality, for the benefit of all. Gender equality benefits us all, but to get there we need everyone on board.

    WHY: Women’s full and equal representation marks one of the world’s largest untapped resources, as study after study shows that companies and societies not only benefit, but prosper, from gender equality. The data consistently shows we’re more powerful when we work together.

    WHEN: Monday, September 24th, 8:00pm Local Time

    WHERE: A sampling of buildings and landmarks who will participate follow:

    • Empire State Building | New York
    • John Hancock Center | Chicago
    • US Bank Tower | Los Angeles
    • Miami Tower | Miami
    • Tel Aviv City Hall | Israel
    • CN Tower | Toronto
    • Emirates Spinnaker Tower | Portsmouth, England
    • Dublin City Hall | Ireland
    • One Roof | Melbourne, Australia
    • Old Treasury Building | Melbourne, Australia
    • South32 Building | Perth, Australia
    • NSW Parliament House | Sydney
    • Sydney Town Hall | Sydney
    • University of Sydney | Sydney
    • Queensland University of Technology | Brisbane, Australia
    • AGL Energy Building | Melbourne, Australia
    • National Film and Sound Archive of Australia | Canberra, Australia
    • National Gallery Victoria | Melbourne, Australia
    • Royal Australian Mint | Canberra, Australia


    UN Women NC Australia encourages everyone to join the global dialogue and help drive a conversation via social media using the hashtags #HeForShe and #MorePowerfulTogether.

    • Take and post a photo of the half-lit buildings using #HeForShe and #MorePowerfulTogether.
    • Or, post a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper or handwritten sign stating #HeForShe and #MorePowerfulTogether.
    • Invite everyone in your life to join us and sign the petition — family, coworkers, friends, and more — to show that we’re #MorePowerfulTogether and that today, supporting gender equality is not just the right thing to do, but the powerful thing to do – for your business, the economy and all of society.


    Media interested in speaking with Australian spokesperson, Janelle Weissman, should reach out to: Leisa Quinn, UN Women National Committee Australia Tel:  02 6185 0010 | Email: [email protected]

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